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What Is Healing?

Healing. Such a simple word for something that is actually so complex.

Healing is the process in which one overcomes their pain. It can take on many forms and looks different for everyone because everyone experiences different pains and everyone operates differently. Ultimately though, healing is needed by everyone. Whether it be physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally… people must begin the process of healing in order to continue on.

You begin that healing process by even just addressing what it is you are facing. Acknowledging that there is hurt helps you begin understanding it. Without understanding our pains, how can we face them?

Once you are able to see and really feel that pain, you can continue the journey of healing. Healing does not always mean fixing and getting rid of the pain. Some pain will never fully disappear. The loss of a loved one.. depression.. abandonment.. the pain may never go away completely, but that does not mean that you cannot overcome it. Healing is finding outlets for that pain. Healing is learning that the pain does not define you. Healing means learning to take that burden off of your shoulders and take that heavy weight off of your heart. The pain may still come up, but it is not something to carry with you. Healing is making you feel whole when you felt like there were missing pieces or damaged parts.

It is a process. It takes time. But it is the way in which we feel empowered, confident, happier. It is the way we feel and become stronger. It is the way we grow and improve.

Without healing, you are only left with pain.