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The worst people for you

are the ones who look so captivating

You will always

fall this hard

do not seek to change it

Pick their words out from the

fabric of your being

with those tender fingers

They are not weaved into your skin

Close your mind to those

who tell you they will remain

it will happen if you let it

Nobody ever tells you

that a person like that cannot stay

sewn into a person like you

Do not try to mix black with white

you will only find grey

It is not yours to question

whether you were enough

you were so much

they took parts of you

from your grasp

Stop believing they had the right

what they took

they stole

they searched the depths of you

the places you hide till sunset

with probing hands that do not wait

to hear a confirmation

Their untruths might have left

a heart so empty you fear

it will never love again

but when the spring comes again

you will heal

and you will bloom

and it will be brighter

than they ever were

About the Author: Katie Proctor is a currently unpublished 15 year old LGBTQ+ poet from Yorkshire, England. She writes freeform poetry often regarding her experience with OCD and mental health issues. Outside writing, she is a student with a passion for literature, history and classics.