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Are you aware

of what consumes me

or do you just think I sit in my nonchalance

with a face just a little too red

Why am I none of your business

when you are so much of mine

You could feed me laws on a plate

I’d still stand waiting

head brimming

with rules and regulations

my heart begs not to obey

The funny thing about it all is

my body has a talent for

running on consequences

I think there comes a point where

you feel so much

that you feel nothing at all

and instead you overflow

but that overflowing is no longer

screams of hesitation but

the silence of exquisite agony

because what do you do when

you can’t do anything anymore

About the author: Katie Proctor is a currently unpublished 15 year old LGBTQ+ poet from Yorkshire, England. She writes freeform poetry often regarding her experience with OCD and mental health issues. Outside writing, she is a student with a passion for literature, history and classics.