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Defining Winter

Many of us may not be a fan of winter for various reasons. At times, the winter is too cold and icy for our liking. We cheer when we receive snow days, but groan when we have to venture outside. There is also the struggle to get out of bed every day due to lack of sunshine.

So how can we see the spiritual in winter if we always see the negative?

Winter is a time where you hibernate, but it can also be a time to rebuild and reflect. Looking back on the past year, you might have more clarity about the direction you wish to take in your life and become more open in listening to that stillness. Watching the snow gently fall outside your window could make you appreciate the beauty nature brings to our world. We appreciate those little things that help us redefine the big things.

The season after winter, spring, signifies rebirth and joy. Whereas, winter could be interpreted as cold, dark, and silent. However, no one said we had to view winter this way.

This winter, I have found comfort sitting in my living room late at night watching the flames of the fire roaring in my wood stove. Seeing – and feeling – this warmth helps me remember that when all seems bleak, there is always hope and light when you least expect it. There is a fire still burning within us wishing to melt away winter’s bitter cold grip. This lesson has helped me in my own spiritual journey in the act of mercy. In spirituality, the act of mercy involves showing compassion to those who do not deserve it. This act should also apply to us when we beat ourselves up over mistakes or obsess over our flaws. No two snowflakes are alike, as they say. Neither are our journeys.

When you step out in the dead of winter, you want to run and hide from those demons; the past and its aftermath. Yet, if we step out despite that cold, the dark, and the depression hanging over our hearts, we can take a crucial step in the right direction.

Drink hot chocolate while watching the snow fall outside your window. Sit in your local park and admire the stillness winter brings. Get out of bed every day even if it’s hard, and keep living your best life.

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