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Art Critique: Accident and Intention

It took until the walls around me

were foundations swallowed

by the failed fabrications

that lived inside them

to realise

there was something wrong

with the way I built my life

Echoes of redemption

reverberated as words of


But tell me what kind of

gentleness feels

like war at sea

Lesson number one

not even the strongest of us

can withstand guilt we did

not earn placed on our heads


their crowns are made of



they relish in your body

when it turns black and blue


they are not there

to sew you back up when they

tear you apart

and that is the difference between

accident and intention

I know they have filled you

to the brim with orchestrations

Pretence so loud you cannot hear

the truth as it claws up your throat


soon home will be rebuilt

by someone whose accident

is not their intention

You were born with the strength

to shatter skies in your skin

even if you don’t see it

because some things

are just meant to be