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To Leave a Situation: Before and After

Lying on the hard wood floor, the cold hardens my heart as my lungs fill with smoke. The only thing keeping me alive is my boiling blood. I can’t take this tornado in my body. My brains is already torn apart by my decisions Do I stay? Do I leave? Should I leave? My heart turns to stone just thinking. This uncertainty is making it hard for me to breathe.

I stare into the closed fire; They say fire is like a living organism. It reproduces at is spreads. I favor those who say it’s true, as my own fire ignites within my soul. It turns into an inferno as I make realizations. As the wood is charred, my heart feels confident. Confidence comforts my anxiety, the natural disaster. My heart is still flaming with impatience as my sanity wants to take refuge somewhere else. But my mind will forever be a warzone until I’m comfortable where I am.