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Alternative Names for An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

1. Someone who accuses you of being jealous to boost his ego 2. Someone who won’t shut the fuck up about his exes. 3. Comparing you to other girls. “Well she’s not overly emotional!” 4. Going back to your room crying after breakfast. 5. The constant need to throw up. 6. Being afraid to stand up for yourself because you’re afraid. 7. The belittling of my intellect 8. Someone who even takes a dog’s loyalty for granted. 9. Him caring more about the satisfaction of his DICK. 10. Being manipulated to lose weight. 11. Him asking, “How do you think I feel?” When all I’ve been doing is putting his feelings into consideration. 12. Never getting the last say. 13. Him thinking he can still control you. 14. An Albatross around my neck 15. Constant thoughts of “what the hell was I thinking?”


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