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Bringing Harmony into Your Life

January 21, 2020

In today’s hectic world, everyone is running around trying to find the perfect balance between work and life. Here’s the thing, the secret is not within finding balance, but harmony. While life can be out of balance, you can still find peace if you focus on the vision of who you are and what you want to be. Let’s explore some ways to bring harmony into your daily life. 


Finding the Meaning of Harmony


When you look at the definition of harmony, you find that it is the combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords and chord progressions having a pleasing effect. However, harmony in life is all about finding that connection between body, mind, and soul. 


Unlike in music, harmony in life is all about happiness, fulfillment, and acceptance. But, it’s also about completeness, satisfaction, peace, and awareness. To be harmonious, once must find the melody that contains all of these sentiments. 

Beyond this concept, one must understand that there’s harmony within, harmony with our workplace, and harmony with our life. To find this perfect balance, everyone talks about, you must find the meaning of harmony for yourself. 


Life Guidelines to Find Harmony


Some people refer to these are “rules,” others call them “principles,” while others label them “secrets.” For the sake of this article, we’re going to call them guidelines. If you’re struggling to find harmony within your daily life, keep these in mind:

  • You must find peace within disharmony. 

  • Work is life, and life is work - you need them both.

  • You shouldn’t live someone else’s life.

  • Become a constant learner. 

  • Anything you do, do it with passion.

  • Find whatever makes your eyes sparkle with excitement. 

  • Live in the now, not tomorrow.

  • A healthy body is a healthy mind and vice-versa.

  • Good relationships are the core of a healthy life.

Easy Ways to Bring Harmony into Your Daily Life


Once you’ve assimilated these guidelines, you can start practicing daily activities and adopt a mindset designed to help you bring harmony into your life. 


Show Gratitude and Appreciation

Don’t ever take these for granted. Let those in your life know how important and dear they’re to you. Next time to think about how grateful you are for someone in your life, don’t be shy and voice your thoughts. Gratitude and appreciation are gifts that keep on giving. 


Set Boundaries

For the workaholic out there, the busy parent, and the stressed partner, you gotta set boundaries. You have to find the best melody for your work-life to be in harmony with your personal life. Set boundaries both ways to keep the harmony flowing. 


Have Compassion

The only thing that’s required to bring harmony into your life is compassion -- for yourself and others. Accept people (and yourself) as they are. Listen with intention, do your best to understand the person in front of you and put yourself in their shoes. Don’t forget to see yourself as well, acknowledge when life is tough and give a hug to your soul. Forgive yourself when making mistakes. Accept your limitations, and get rid of any judgment, blame, or guilt. 


Bringing harmony into your life doesn’t happen overnight. Be conscious of your daily activities and thoughts. Keep these tips in mind, and undoubtedly with time and practice, you’ll be able to find the harmony that works for you.


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